Johan Adam Ebert

Johan Adam Ebert
circa 1858, Philadelphia

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Verena Bosshard Ebert

Here is a picture of John Adam's wife Verena Bosshard Ebert, born in Urdorf, Switzerland:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Apologies

I apologize for being away so long.  Have not have a lot of information to add until this week.  I will try to keep up with the emails.  Thank You all for sending me your emails.  Just a reminder that I really am not qualified to do appraisals and I would be remiss if I tried.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Philadelphia Death Returns for the children of John Adam and Verena Ebert

Emily 3 and 1/2, Congestion of the Brain

John Albert, 21 months, Meningitis

George Gottlieb, age 1
William F, age 1, Cholera

Gustave Adolph, 5 years old, Convulsions

Emil J, 2 years old, Convulsions

Clara B. age 19, Carcinoma

Red Lion Cemetary

John A. Ebert Death Return, 1895

Here is the Death Return for John Adam Ebert.  Notice it says Elsace as place of birth.  Very young at 65 years of age.  I have found all of the returns for the his children whose remains were transfered to Red Lion. I will post them later.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ebert Geneaology

Here is my lineage:

Johann Melchior Ebert  m  Anna Katharina Hachtel

Georg Michael Ebert   m   Eva Barbara Muendlein

Johann Adam Ebert  m  Verena Bosshard

Frederick John Ebert   m   Catherine Kugel

Mildred V Ebert married Frederick Conrad
Frederick, Harold, Marjory and Donald m Barbara Ward Phipps
                                      Carole and Donald II

Furniture World 1919

A. H. Arons will show all of his Hickory, N. C, lines at the coming exposition, October 13, and also the Ebert Furniture Co. products of Red Lion, Pa., which he recently added to his previous lines. Mr. Arons will be located on the fifth floor of the Grand Central Palace during the exposition.

Red Lion Cemetary

Interred at the Red Lion Cemetary are the remains of John Adam Ebert, his wife, children and grand children.  John and several of his children were buried in the German Lutheran cemetery in Philadelphia.  Around 1968, the cemetery was going to be closed and developed.  Letter's were sent out to the reamining living families.  The remains of John Adam and his children were transfered to Red Lion about this time.  However, John's brother George's remains were relocated to another Philadelphia cemetary.  Catherine Ebert's grandparents were relocated to Phoenixville, PA.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

V. Ebert Catalogue, 1901

This copy is found at the Red Lion Historical Museum.  I took the pictures pre-digital.  John Ebert's wife was named Verena (Bosshard) and we believe that when he passed away she became the owner.  Now that some of the issues of the Philadelphia Record are on online, I might be able to find out more information:

Ebert Factory, Red Lion, 2001

Ebert Factory Sign

Here is picture of the Ebert sign used in Red Lion.

Ebert Construction 1917

Here is another picture.  It has no date but it was probably taken in late spring or early summer 1917.

The Ebert Furniture Factory in Red Lion

Here  is a picture during the construction of the Factory dated March 17, 1917.