Johan Adam Ebert

Johan Adam Ebert
circa 1858, Philadelphia

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Philadelphia Death Returns for the children of John Adam and Verena Ebert

Emily 3 and 1/2, Congestion of the Brain

John Albert, 21 months, Meningitis

George Gottlieb, age 1
William F, age 1, Cholera

Gustave Adolph, 5 years old, Convulsions

Emil J, 2 years old, Convulsions

Clara B. age 19, Carcinoma

Red Lion Cemetary

John A. Ebert Death Return, 1895

Here is the Death Return for John Adam Ebert.  Notice it says Elsace as place of birth.  Very young at 65 years of age.  I have found all of the returns for the his children whose remains were transfered to Red Lion. I will post them later.