Johan Adam Ebert

Johan Adam Ebert
circa 1858, Philadelphia

Friday, April 8, 2011

Church Records from Oberstetten

Here is the email from Tobias Schneider from Oberstetten.  Many Thanks!!
Dear Mr. Conrad!
I've checked the church register books for more information about Your grand-grand-grandfather.
I found an entry, scanned it and attached it to this Email in high resolution.
The biggest problem with this entry is the scripture. It's an old scripture in a bad handwriting and I'm not able to read a lot of it.
The whole entry is from the family register regarding the father and mother of Johann Adam Ebert. At the top of the page You can find the parents, the day of marriage and their death (for Eva Barbara it's february 18th, 1851)
The note with the hash key in the middle is about the emigration. I can decode "New York" at the beginning of line three and at the end "City New York im Staat New York (in the State New York)".
At the bottom of the page is a list of the children belonging to the family of Georg Michael Ebert (sen.). The former pastor scratched the names of Johann Georg, Georg Michael (?), Johann Adam and Lina Barbara. Probably this means that they emigrated and did not belong to the pastors parish anymore.
The other children died a few days after their birth (see last column "Tod"= Death).
The notes behind Johann Georg and Johann Adam say: "1852 nach amerika ausgewandert" = emigrated to america in 1852 (but i'm not quite sure about the last digit of the year, someone added a clearly written 1852 later)
Behind Georg Michael (jun.) there is also the word "ausgewandert" = emigrated, but I can't read the rest.
That's all I can say, maybe You're able to find someone to decode more of the notes.
Best regards,
Tobias Schneider

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