Johan Adam Ebert

Johan Adam Ebert
circa 1858, Philadelphia

Saturday, April 2, 2011

John Adam Ebert History

Johann Adam Ebert was born in Oberstetten, Germany on September 7th, 1830.  He was the son of Georg Michael Ebert and Eva Barbara nee Mundlein.  After both his parents passed away, he and his older brother Johann Georg Ebert emigrated to Philadelphia in 1851.  Cabinet makers by trade, the brothers began to ply their trade in Philadephia,  In 1854, they founded the Ebert Furniture company.  I have added some pictures of Oberstetten and John Adam's application for citizenship.  John Adam Ebert worked to build his business.  In Philadelphia, he married Verena Bosshard and had ten children of whom only five survived to adulthood.  The business was twice destroyed by fire in 1881 and 1883.  John's brother, always known as George, died from tubercolosis in the 1870s.  John Adam died on March 28th, 1895.

The business passed on to the sons, John, Frederick, my great grandfather, and Herman.  In 1917, the business was moved to Red Lion, Pa near York.

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